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MG 220 VZT

The MG 220 VZT is a compact technological and patented system designed for the recycling of copper and aluminum from cables, wires, radiators, circuit boards, car fluff and other materials.

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MG 220 VZT

Technical features
MG 220 VZT
Up to 500 Kg/h
60,5 kW
3300 x 2100 x 3700 (H) mm
(without filter)
3300 x 4700 x 4300 (H) mm
(with filter)
3600 Kg
(without filter)
4000 Kg
(with filter)

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    It can be combined with the shredder Tritronic TR 600, conveyor belt and accessories for a complete automatic system.


    MG Recycling conveyors include a magnet roller and can be equipped with other accessories i.e. overbelt magnetic separator neodymium according to the supplied system and they optimize the material workflow.


    TR 600

    Tritronic 600 is a powerful pre-shredder, perfectly suited for use automatically with recycling machines of the Compact and Matrix lines, for a production up to 500-600 kg / h of input material.



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