Separation of all components in order to recover aluminum and copper at a purity rate of 99%

Radiators made of copper and aluminium, thanks to the MG Recycling air separation technology, you will be able to sort all the metals obtaining a final separation result of 99%.


MG 220 VZT – TR 600

The MG 220 VZT is a complete technological and patented system designed for the recycling of copper and aluminum cables, radiators, circuit boards and WEEE. It can be equipped with shredder, conveyor belt and accessories for a complete automatic system.
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MG 380 VZT – TR 800

The MG 380 VZT can be matched to the accessorized conveyor 400/3650 and to the TR 800 or TR 1200 pre-shredder.
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MG 610 VZT – TR 1200

The MG 610 VZT matched with granulator GR 800 is one of the biggest compact solutions in our range for the treatment of all kinds of cables, radiators and non ferrous scrap.
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Custom-made lines

MG Recycling offers the possibility of manufacturing a complete tailored system, with a variable capacity of infeed materials, starting from 200 kg/h (440 Lbs/h), up to 2000/3000 kg/h (4400 | 6600 Lbs/h). Matrix systems are designed around the customer needs, in terms of model and positioning.
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